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Michelangelo’s David by Estelle M. Hurll
6th Jan 2011Posted in: Michelangeo eBooks Comments Off on Michelangelo’s David by Estelle M. Hurll

II DAVID Long ago in the country of Palestine lived a lad named David, who kept his father’s sheep. His free life out of doors made him strong and manly beyond his years. The Israelites were at this time at war with the Philistines, and David’s quick wit and indomitable courage fitted him to play […]

David (Michelangelo)
14th Sep 2010Posted in: Michelangelo Sculptures Comments Off on David (Michelangelo)

David (Michelangelo) Circa 1501-4; height 16 ft 10 in. Michelangelo’s monumental David differs greatly from earlier interpretations of this subject by Donatello and Verrocchio. Whereas the earlier masters had depicted David victorious over the slain Goliath, many scholars believe that Michelangelo chose to reveal the critical moment just after David had made the decision to […]

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