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Our Mission

The Michelangelo Experience Tour is dedicated to sharing this truly life-changing collection of masterpieces with the world. The purpose of the tour is to celebrate the beauty, genius and inspiration of Michelangelo’s works and to bring his unparalleled artistry to the public. For the first time in history, through The Michelangelo Experience Tour, the general public will have the opportunity to witness this singular collection of Michelangelo’s sculptures first-hand.

About The Michelangelo Experience, Inc.

The Company operates and presents The Michelangelo Experience Tour, a collection of Michelangelo’s greatest sculptures never before seen in one location. Providing a unique glimpse into Michelangelo’s creative thought process and life in Italy during the brief yet highly influential Italian Renaissance; the exhibits include 19 awe-inspiring Michelangelo Buonarroti sculptures interwoven with educational concepts to create high quality, immersing, multi-sensory, entertaining and educational experiences for family audiences. The museum-quality touring exhibitions will be presented to the public in museums, convention centers and other high traffic venues.



    Founder, President and Chairman
    Vice Chairman and Director
    Vice President of Marketing and Promotion
    Vice President of Business Development


    Director of Casa Buonarroti Exhibition

Business Model

The business model generates revenues from both traveling and permanent exhibition sites throughout the world. This will be accomplished through the utilization of an exhibition model similar to that employed by the King Tut Tour, which brought the young “boy king” to America, enabling millions of people to experience the wonder of the King Tut burial chamber treasures. Admission fees, gift shop sales and sponsorships provide multiple revenue streams for the company.

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